Join Mirko's Link Community

1st Step

Create a link on your site to one of the following pages:

2nd Step

Read the legal notice:

Mirko's Link Community, from now on called the Community, is a free internet service initiated by Mirko Blüming, from now on called the initiator. The mebership is completely voluntary and can be dropped at any time without giving any reason by sending an email to the initiator.
Members do not have any right to claim the Community's service. The applicant accepts that all the information that he/she sends will be freely available on the internet.
The initiator will not add any page with adult-only or any other dubious content to the link list. The initiator is free to cease the Community and drop the link list without giving any reason. If the initiator changes this legal notice, he must inform all members by email, otherwise membership will automatically cease.

This notice is accepted be sending the following form.

3rd Step

Fill in and send the application form:
URL of the page that contains a link to one of the above mentioned pages of Step 1:

Title to be shown on the link list

Description to be shown on the link list

Your email address

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